This post was written by Jaelithe, a guest contributor. If you are interested in writing for Sound Called Music, feel free to contact me and let me know what you might be interested in writing about. Writing songs is tough work. But whether you’ve been in music classes since your tricycle days or you’re just buying your first pack of picks, the more you write, the easier it gets. Sometimes […]

This may be a little out of the ordinary, but bear with me. Fans of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy were treated with something special on Sunday at the MTV music awards. The first sneak peak of the film, being adapted from the book by Lionsgate, disappointed some, and elated others. But the most interesting thing I noticed occurred in the last 10 seconds of the clip, when all of […]

[This is part of the Music and the Brain series] We tend to take for granted how our brain works. Particularly when it pertains to the senses. When you look at a field full of flowers, bees, and butterflies, you aren’t focusing on just one object (say, one bee, one flower, or one butterfly), but your brain has knit them all together into once complete scene. Similarly, when you are […]

[This is part of the Music and the Brain series] Most people are familiar with the symptoms of dementia, particularly those of Alzheimer’s. Confusion, inability to know who you or the people around are, and a general decline in many of the mental faculties, as well as apathy. This is particularly hard on family. As the dementia progresses, the victim may forget who even his or her closest friends and […]

[This is part of my Music and the Brain Series] Music does some incredible things to our brain. It can change our emotional state, help us learn, and even help fight dementia. But why? What are the processes going on behind this. Unfortunately, we don’t really know. Here is something that will blow your mind a little bit though. It may be impossible to understand how our brain works. Look […]

Every once and a while I run across one of those songs that we have heard, but didn’t realize how much I liked it until I really listened to it. The song, Hallelujah, was originally written by Leonard Cohen. I am not a huge fan of the original, but I love many of the covers (Susan Boyle’s and Alexandra Burke’s are good examples). This song came up in a playlist […]

Perhaps the worst fear of any musician is a live performance mistake. Your going along just fine and dandy and all of a sudden you pluck the wrong note, press the wrong key, or hit the wrong drum. It sounded awful. Your band-mates (if you have any) are giving you looks. You feel stupid. Well you shouldn’t. In my talks with people that are part of an audience when I […]

We all love our music. But if there’s one thing we love better than a piece of music, it’s a free piece of music. The public domain could be considered the governments attempt at satisfying that want. Let me start, however, by saying that if you are expecting to get music by some of your favorite contemporary artists for free, then you can leave now. This is not what the […]

Up until the advent of the internet, the only way to hear a song was to either get it on CD (or record or tape, depending on your era), find it on the radio, or go to a concert. You had no other options. This was really the only way to distribute media. Then, with the advent of the internet, music streaming took off. Here I present a few options […]

Song: Am I the Only One Artist: Dierks Bentley Chart: Country Peak: 4 Currently: 4 Peak on Hot 100: 39 Currently: 39 My Thoughts: Didn’t like this song. I thought the lyrics were silly, and the only thing that really made this country was the voice the singer used. Lyrics: Well it was Friday in the p.m. And just like every weekend I was ready to throw down Yeah I […]