A Few Pointers on Performance

If you want to perform, and perform successfully, then there are a few things you need to do. If you walk up there, play the songs, and walk off, there is no way that you will be going back anytime soon. They audience wont like you. Read this, you might learn a few things

1. Dont Suck

This goes without saying, but you cannot perform if you cant even play music. Far to many people show up looking for a place to perform, but cant even play music. If you want good examples of what not to do, go watch the auditions for American Idol, X Factor, Britains Got Talent, or any of the other shows that showcase talent (although not all of it is music), and you will see plenty of people who think they can sing, or play guitar, but cant. And trust me, you dont want to hear boos from the crowd.

2. Engage Your Audience

This is perhaps the second most important part of performance behind not sucking. Your audience is there not just because of the music, but because of you. An unengaged audience is a bored audience. And an audience that is bored will not come back for seconds on a later date. You want your concert to be memorable. I would suggest watching some of the more experienced bands who do it best, take your cues from them. Also, it is fine to change what you are doing based on the audiences reaction. If you are making bad jokes and the audience doesnt like them, save yourself the trouble and stop making this.

3. Figure Things Out Before Hand

Obviously your set list is incredibly important and should be decided before hand. But you cant expect that to be enough. Engaging your audience frequently means doing more with the music then just playing things the way you recorded them. Music should be modified, you should plan things out that will make your fans happy.

One band I listen two likes to stop playing in the middle of a song and completely freeze, every single one of them, in whatever position they happen to be in. This obviously gets the crowd really into it, and they cheer all the louder. But it has to be timed perfectly. Figure things like this out before hand. And Practice them!

Unfortunately, far to many bands miss these, and this is no good. If you want people to really like you, do these things. Dont expect to be great at them all at once. But trust me, you will get there.