Yes, this post is a little abnormal, but normality is boring.

I’m stoked. Excited. For tomorrow is the day. THE DAY. Don’t know what “The Day” is? Let me educate you. Don’t feel bad for not knowing, I don’t blame you one bit.

Once upon a time there was a 20 year old who worked loading trucks at a Coke factory. Unfortunately, this guy was an insomniac and had lots of trouble sleeping on a regular basis. On these nights, he would sneak down into his parent’s basement and record music that he wrote himself. Over the course of the next couple years, he acquired a Myspace following, and sold thousands of copies of his music. He released a couple of albums before he was signed by a record label. His next album had this little song on it called “Fireflies,” and before he knew it, he was famous.

If you do not know now, I am talking about Adam Young. The guy behind the smashing success known as Owl City. Young’s story is one of those success stories that we all wish we could replicate. This guy is really cool, but how does one come out of nowhere like this?

Young is the quiet, introverted sort. He suffers from Asperger Syndrome, but seems to do a relatively good job socially despite this. His music style can be most easily described as optimistic, with a general feeling of happiness. It is definitely electro-pop, and some have compared it to The Postal Service. Yes, they are similar, but Adam Young has his own gig. Perhaps he got lucky, or maybe, perhaps, he’s just good enough.

I loved Ocean Eyes (his first studio-backed release). And I am incredibly excited for All Things Bright and Beautiful. As I write this the world is slowly revolving towards the 14 of June, which means that those wonderful people from down under (a.k.a. Australia) get it first. Oh well. I pre-ordered it weeks ago, I can wait a little longer.

P.S. (psst… One of those last statements is not strictly true. He already has the whole album up on his Myspace page, but I’m am being a good little boy and waiting until tomorrow. But you don’t have to be.)

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  • Annika

    I’m now going to sound like on of his hugest fans-

    Adam I looove you! Owl city is AWSOME!!!!!! Keep up your work your sooooo cool…

    (I’ve never been so crazy over anybody:-)