First things first, why is Lloyd spelled with two Ls?
Sometimes, I just need to write about how much I love a guy’s music. I figure this being only my second time doing this in around 4 months, I’m doing pretty good. This will be a short post however, I am kind of pressed for time. I wish I had more.

What sparked me to write this post? A movie. As you can probably guess, The Phantom of the Opera. Not that I watched it anytime recently. I came up with this post idea several weeks ago, but it just ended up sitting in a pile of unwritten stuff. Well, here it is.

Webber was born in London in 1948. His father and mother where both accomplished musicians and the young Lloyd was expected to be the same. He had begun writing music by age six and had written an entire suite by age nine. Webber became a Queen’s Scholar at Oxford, but he abandoned this in favor of the Royal College of Music to study musical theater. Webber claims to have written much of the music to Cats by the time he was 15, but this has never been confirmed.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s many successes (Phantom of the Opera and Cats, for example), have made him somewhat of an iconic figure in modern music. I love this guy’s work. And many others do to. But why? Well, I have a very simple answer:

If you can put a distorted electric guitar into opera music, with a riff that would make any rock star proud, and do it well, people will like your music.

I am referring specifically to the title song “The Phantom of the Opera” sung by the character of Christine Daaé and Erik  (the phantom). Webber creates an incredible guitar part that manages to fit right in. The most incredible part comes in the last minute or so of the song, when the electric really becomes a lead instrument. I believe this to be the best song of the entire musical.

I suggest you see this film if you haven’t already. The music in it is just incredible. And don’t listen to the bad reviews, I don’t understand how it managed to get those.

Do you think Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius? What is your favorite of his music? What about of this particular soundtrack? Leave a comment bellow or wrap it up in an email and send it to me.

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