Black is Back

If you live in a hole there is a chance you have never heard of Rebecca Black. Actually, not really. If you have not heard of Rebbeca Black, I dont want you to feel bad.

Most people know here as the teenage sensation that sang the hit song Friday. Quotation marks are there for a reason. Friday was hated by many and loved by very few. Some people have gone as far as saying it is the worst song ever. Others have sent hate letters and death threats (many of the former and only a few of the latter).  All in all, this 14 year old from Southern CA. has garnered a lot of attention.

So why do I bring her up? Well, I think the title pretty much sums it up. She released a new song, which one critic described as her Im her to stay, b****es! anthem. Or, in other words, please welcome Americas newest pop star.

But what about the song itself. Well, I will say this. Its a lot better then Friday, which was pretty bad. Dont get me wrong, Im not a hater. In fact I believe that haters (aka, the people that were giving those hate letters and death threats) are somewhat immature. Although the tune of Friday was catchy, the words were horrible. This seems to have changed.

The first thing she did was get away from ARK, which was the studio she recorded Friday with. ARK can best be described as a vanity recording studio, allowing anyone to record a song and make a professional looking music video (for a price of course). The result in Rebeccas case was a poorly written song with so much auto tune on the voice it didnt even sound real.

This time through it is all changed. She managed to connect with a writer who had worked with Justin Bieber.The lyrics are much more poetic (and even have a message) the voice is clearly processed, but it is done much more artfully so the voice sounds relatively natural on average (i.e. no more processed then Justin Bieber). Obviously there are parts where the voice is more heavily processed, but this is clearly purposeful and there is a difference between it and what goes on throughout the rest of the song.

The lyrics have a clear message. Fresh of being hated by millions, Black is back with a song that lets them all know that she doesnt give a darn what they all think. Take these four lines from the bridge as an example:

Haters said Id see ya later
Cant talk to you right now
Im getting my paper
Then Im doing big things
Things you never dreamed of

I applaud her from this. Too many people would simply not try again after a reaction like the one she got. She dared to come back and tell them they were wrong and that she can be something. And I say good for here. I like the song as well, so thats a bonus.

The question becomes: is Rebecca Black going to be the next Justin Bieber? This remains to be seen. She will be releasing an EP later this year. I will be watching her career closely.