Blacks Friday

In a Justin Bieber-filled pop world, we guys are ALWAYS looking for someone new to criticize. And it seems we have found someone in the form of Rebecca Black. And theres even a bonus. Girls can criticize her just as easily! This may be, quite possibly, old news to you, but I think that I will share it anyway.

13 year-old Rebbecca Black exploded crashed onto the pop scene recently with her hit (actually there is still debate on whether it is a hit or not) song Friday. Watch the music video bellow if you dare.

This music video has been viewed over 44,000,000 times. Thats a lot of views. The music video was produced by a small indie record label called ARK Music Factory. They focus on discovering young (normally teenage) musicians and writing music for or with them, that they then record. There videos have a lot of views, but none has gathered as much attention as this one.

The song starts off just like almost any pop song. In fact, it sound distinctly Justin Bieberish. One thing I noticed right off the back is that the word ARK is included in that very beginning bit. Its not terribly easy to hear, but its there. In looking at there other videos, I soon discovered that it is in every song, as well as the name of the singer at some point. Which bugs me, if people like the music enough, they will find out who it is.

But in terms of the actual song. I will say this, the lyrics are terrible. Not that its her fault, she didnt write it. But, by perusing the other songs, I discovered that most of the other all the other lyrics are fairly bad. Now, most arent as bad , in fast some of them are OK. But I get the sense that the people at ARK think that they are good at something that they are really not terribly god at: Writing lyrics. The music is good. Which is why I cant get it out of my head. In fact, I would go as far to say that I liked it. And really, the lyrics are fine, expect for the verses, the rap verse, the bridge, and the end of the chorus

Shes got an interesting voice though. Should she sign with a decent record label, she could be good. But, in my opinion, as long as she sticks with ARK, she wont be going anywhere. She needs someone who actually knows how to write lyrics.

This is a classic example of an internet phenomenon. I wish everyone who had as much talent as her (I cant say its that much) could be that famous. I know quite a few people who would be very, very, very famous. Unfortunately, only a few of us can be that lucky. I am not one of them.

Oh, and it seems to me that the message of this video is to play hooky at school so you can go joy ride with your friends (none of which are 16) without wearing a seat belt. Thats great.

Oh, and by the way, I might add that Rebecca Black has been trending on twitter longer then #prayforjapan did.