I love your comments. If you were in doubt, you may be relieved of it. But I can’t have you saying whatever you want on here.

I want Sound Called Music to be a place where you can discuss things related to music. However, there are certain ground rules that you need to keep in mind. I reserve the right to edit or delete your comment if it is:

  1. Inappropriate: This includes strong swear words, sexually explicit content, or anything someone might find offensive.
  2. Abusive: This includes comments that are threatening, harassing. or make fun of someone. Religious insults are not tolerated.
  3. Off topic: You may not advertise your own goods or services through comments. You may post links, as long as they are related to the topic at hand. Any comments that are completely unrelated to the post at hand will be removed.

This is an incomplete list. I may find other reasons to delete your comment. Should I feel the need to do this, it will be done without warning.

Other guidlines:
1. Please use a valid working email address. You never know, I may want to email you.
2. If you submit a URL along with your name (not a link in the body of the comment), make sure it is a valid one that you control.
3. Pingbacks and trackbacks are considered comments.

You are welcome to comment as much as you like as long as it is not spam. I consider comment spam if a comment does nothing to enhance the conversation. My goal is to keep sound called music as fun as possible, but if you wish to talk about something else, please do it elsewhere.

You may disagree with me: In fact, I believe that, if everyone agreed with me, something would be wrong.

Corrections are welcome: So far, I have received 1 correction on this blog. If you see something wrong, by all means let me know. Wouldn’t want to be giving people misinformation now would we?

You may remain anonymous: If you do not wish people to know your real name, that’s OK wit me. Just come up with some clever pseudonym.

I will never give people your email address: Although I require your email address in order to comment, I will never share that information with anyone unless absolutely necessary.

By commenting, you give me a license to use your comment: If I believe your comment to be good for me to use elsewhere, I will do so. I will never include your email address, as stated above. I will give proper attribution. I will never use your comment to make fun of you. I promise.

Have fun. And join the conversation!