This blog as of late, in case you have not noticed, has not been all that prolific. In fact, were you to look at dates, it has been over six months since I last published an article on this blog. Which is disappointing. Perhaps it is not so to you, but it is to me.  I put some significant time and energy into this blog, especially in the early stages, […]

Song: Am I the Only One Artist: Dierks Bentley Chart: Country Peak: 4 Currently: 4 Peak on Hot 100: 39 Currently: 39 My Thoughts: Didn’t like this song. I thought the lyrics were silly, and the only thing that really made this country was the voice the singer used. Lyrics: Well it was Friday in the p.m. And just like every weekend I was ready to throw down Yeah I […]

Song: Good Life Artist: OneRepublic Chart: Pop Peak: 9 Currently: 9 Peak on Hot 100: 8 Currently: 8 You can download this song from iTunes or Amazon MP3. My Thoughts: I do not understand how a song can be higher on the Hot 100 then its own chart, but oh well. I have liked this song since I first heard it. I wouldn’t consider it Pop, but I guess that’s […]

Song: Save the World Artist: Swedish House Mafia Chart: Dance Songs Peak: 4 Currently: 4 Peak on Hot 100: N/A Currently: N/A My Thoughts: I enjoyed this song more then I thought I would. Although this group seems rather obscure (they aren’t even really an “artist” in the classic sense), they did seem to produce something good here. The music video is a little stupid, but then again, so was […]

So sorry about the lack of posts this week. I have a big trip I had to prepare for. Next week you will get a full compliment of posts. I promise. Song: Walk Artist: Foo Fighters Chart: Rock Peak: 4 Currently: 4 Peak on Hot 100: N/A Currently: N/A My Thoughts: I don’t dislike it. But it’s not something I will be listening to all the time. One of those […]

I apologize to any readers out of the US. Today is a major holiday for us. If you don’t know, it’s the day we celebrate our independence from England over 200 years ago. We celebrate it with parades, fireworks, and lots of patriotic colors (red, white and blue) Today I thought I would write about a few classic patriotic songs. Naturally, none of them have been charted, but they are […]

Song: The Edge of Glory Artist: Lady Gaga Chart: Pop Peak: 6 Currently: 6 Peak on Hot 100: 6 Currently: 6 My Thoughts: I liked this song from the moment I heard it. Although it’s not in the top five for it’s chart, it’s on the top ten on the Hot 100, and I thought it deserved recognition. Gaga claims it’s about her grandfather, who recently died, but, well, you […]

Every week on Sunday or Monday I look at one of Billboard charts and choose one of the top five songs to be my song of the week. This weeks song is If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away by Justin Moore First things first. If there was any other chart that had songs worth listening to on them, I would post those. But as it is, there isn’t really any […]

Song: Help is On The Way Artist: Rise Against Chart: Rock Peak: 3 Currently: 3 Peak on Hot 100: Not Charted Currently: Not Charted My thoughts: Not my style at all. Although I can see how a song like this could make it to the top of the charts, I don’t particularly enjoy it myself. I have my mother’s dreams, I have my father’s eyes, You can’t take that from […]

Song: I Won’t Let Go Artist: Rascal Flatts Chart: Country Peak: 2 Currently: 3 Peak on Hot 100: 31 Currently: 31 My Thoughts: Dang I like this song. Rascal Flatts is one of those bands I don’t listen to terribly often, but wish I did. I love there music. This song is not really “country” per se, but I’ll take it. I really enjoyed it and loved the piano. Awesome. […]