How To Write the Greatest Song Ever

This title of this blog is slightly misleading. Its almost like the kind of title that you would find on a one page ad site. You go to the site, and there is a single page with a very compelling sales pitch and lots of testimonies. Just Learn This ONE Simple Trick to Lose Weight, Speak Spanish Using Only 137 Words! Then it tells you to buy something for a cheap price, without mentioning that it was ALWAYS at that cheap price. This is not what this blog is about.

Let me start by telling you that I do not have a miracle formula for writing music. I have never wrote the greatest song ever, or I would not be writing this to you. I do not have some secret trick that, if learned, will make you a killer song writer over night. Its OK if you are dissapointed.

But right now I want to define the greatest song ever for you.

The greatest song ever is whichever one you want it to be.

Have you ever heard the saying Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, it is very true. And it not only applies to art, but nature, music, and just life in general. So, what this means what you consider great is different from everyone else. So, if you consider a song to be the greatest song ever, then it is, in fact, the greatest song ever.

This means that, if you write a piece of music, no matter how simple, or basic, or poorly written, and you consider it to be the greatest song ever, it is. Because you want it to be. So dont hesitate to write a piece of music. You are not aloud to say its going to be terrible. Cause guess what? We all got to start somewhere. And, by simply writing that first piece, you will have taken your first step towards writing even greater music. Unfortunately most people (including, up to this point, myself) do not take that first step, and much talent that could have flourished, simply dies.

Write that song, and, if you feel comfortable, share it with me. Id love to see it.