Please note, I do not play the trombone, and have never actually used one. All this is based on research I have done. If you find anything in here that is blatantly incorrect, please feel free to let me know in a comment and I will fix it ASAP. You’ve probably seen one of these things before. Perhaps in a band, when dozens of happy high school students in pressed […]

Pianos are quite possibly the most well know instrument in music. It seems that virtually everyone knows how to play at least “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” But very few people actually know how pianos work. Pianos are an incredibly complicated instrument. If you have ever looked into a piano you have probably seen the hammers that hit the strings making sound. If you think that the hammer is simply […]

Electric guitars are found in most modern music today. But may seem like a bit of a mystery. After all, they don’t exactly make much sound. And why do they sound the way they do? It’s a good question, and one that I would like to try to answer as best as I possibly can in this post. The chain of sound in an electric guitar generally goes something like […]