I sincerely apologize for the lateness of this post. If you were eagerly anticipating this, refreshing my RSS feed every 20 seconds, forgive me. I owe you a soda. You know, people can become rooted in their habits. This is particularly true with music. We find our artists, buy their music, and listen to it. Once we get to a certain point, we no longer go searching. Then, when we […]

Many of you may have seen the 1996 film, “That Thing You Do!” Directed by (and, not surprisingly, starring) Tom Hanks, it follows the tale of a fictional 60s band called the Oneders (pronounced “wonders”). In the film the band becomes immensely popular with a song called “That Thing You Do.” Soon after this, the band falls apart, leaving everyone to wonder what happened. This is a classic (although somewhat […]

iTunes is currently the top dog in the music business. Apple sells millions of songs every day to millions of customers. This is far more then any online and most likely any physical store in the world. But the question becomes, is all that trickling down to the artists in the way it should? Well, according to a recent piece from the Huffington Post, it’s probably not. As you probably […]

Back in the day you had to go to a store to buy music. Now, with the advent of the internet, alternative options have become readily available. Most prominent amongst these is iTunes, Apple’s digital music store and management system. Since it first debut in 2001, iTunes has radically changed music. The first thing you should know is that iTunes did not start out as a music store.  The very […]

In a Justin Bieber-filled pop world, we guys are ALWAYS looking for someone new to criticize. And it seems we have found someone in the form of Rebecca Black. And there’s even a bonus. Girls can criticize her just as easily! This may be, quite possibly, old news to you, but I think that I will share it anyway. 13 year-old Rebbecca Black exploded crashed onto the pop scene recently […]