Is The Edge of Glory Lady Gagas Masterpiece?

The short and simple answer is no. The Edge of Glory is not Lady Gagas true masterpiece. Neither is Bad Romance, Poker Face, or any other of the numerous songs that she has recorded over her six years as a pop artist.

At least not yet.

If there is one thing people tend to forget about a musician or band it is that the music of an artist evolves dramatically over the course of the years and albums.

One band I really enjoy is Switchfoot, a rock band from San Diego. The started out rather mellow, but they have grown incredibly and changed in a dramatic way.

Lady Gaga has not finished her career. I would guess that she will probably have a hit song every record from here on out. However some people would argue that Lady Gaga cant have a masterpiece. They would probably even venture to say that she is a bad person and what not, and that we shouldnt listen to her music because of it.

Wait, we shouldnt listen to her music because she is a bad person?

I would also venture to say that many of the people who would say these kind of things are Christian and conservative (not that this is a bad thing, I am definitely right-wing myself, and a Christian for that matter). However we have to make a distinction between the music and the musician. Think Lady Gaga is a bad person? Are you saying this badness is somehow transmitted through the music into the ears of the listener?

Perhaps, but, if you are like me, you dont pay attention to the lyrics so much as the music itself. Remember, you can have music without lyrics. But if you have lyrics without tune or backing track, then its not music (although some might disagree with me). This is why the music itself is the most important part.

Do you think that her videos have strong sexual overtones (as many of them do)? Well  then just dont watch the videos.

This is a good rule of thumb if you are Christian, atheist, or anything else under the sun: Hate the sin, not the sinner.