I am having trouble writing today. Right before I started on this post, I turned of a recording of Spem in Alium that I was listening to in preparation for an upcoming blog post. I was doing my best to write and listen at the same time, and I have to say, It wasn’t working out well. I mentioned in a recent post how music requires your attention. Not only […]

[This is part of the Music and the Brain series] Nature can be somewhat musical. Not in a figurative way, but a literal way. A squeaky gate, a car horn, even someone blowing their nose. My house has a squeaky gate that can drive me insane sometimes. Under the right circumstances, the three squeaks that come from it while closing, make up the first three notes of a tune that […]

[This is part of the Music and the Brain series] We all (except, perhaps, any amusics out there) have experienced have experienced earworms: when a short bit of a song gets stuck in your head for an extended period of time. It can be for minutes, hours, or even days. It can wear on your nerves to the point that everything is irritable. And it just won’t go away. This […]

[This is part of the Music and the Brain series] We tend to take for granted how our brain works. Particularly when it pertains to the senses. When you look at a field full of flowers, bees, and butterflies, you aren’t focusing on just one object (say, one bee, one flower, or one butterfly), but your brain has knit them all together into once complete scene. Similarly, when you are […]

[This is part of the Music and the Brain series] Most people are familiar with the symptoms of dementia, particularly those of Alzheimer’s. Confusion, inability to know who you or the people around are, and a general decline in many of the mental faculties, as well as apathy. This is particularly hard on family. As the dementia progresses, the victim may forget who even his or her closest friends and […]

[This is part of my Music and the Brain Series] Music does some incredible things to our brain. It can change our emotional state, help us learn, and even help fight dementia. But why? What are the processes going on behind this. Unfortunately, we don’t really know. Here is something that will blow your mind a little bit though. It may be impossible to understand how our brain works. Look […]

I will start off by saying that you don’t need to know any of this. Now that I get that out of the way, I will say that this whole subject can be endlessly fascinating. If you like music and you like science, you will not be sorry you read this. The science behind sound is incredibly fascinating, the science behind music even more so. Chances are, if you have […]

On my iTunes and iPod, I have a playlist of my personal favorite songs. It currently contains 52 songs from artists such as Switchfoot, U2, Newsboys, Coldplay and Owl City. For most of these songs, I know ever single lyric. The Coldplay songs being the biggest exception. Not only this, but this favorites playlists only covers a relatively small number of the songs I could sing most of. What I […]