If you are in a choir, you have probably sung in a least two parts. You have probably sung in three, and there is a good chance you have sung in four. But have you ever sung in 40? Chances are you haven’t but, for some of you, the answer just might be yes. Enter Spem in alium. A 40-part (although there are versions with just three or four […]

[This is part of the Ensembles for All Series] Ah yes, Choirs. Chances are at some point in your life you have sung with some sort of choir, most likely a school choir. They can create beautiful (or chilling) harmonies, with three, four, or even more different parts at the same time. It’s not easy, but that is not what we are concerned with. We are curious as to how […]

People hate on pop music all the time. Like really really hate on it. They point to the rise of auto tune as proof that the worlds most popular “singers” can no longer sing. And they may be right in that respect. But theĀ  world needs Lady Gaga and the Britney Spears. Here’s why. It’s a Culture Thing Culture is what defines a society, and society without a culture is […]

A few weeks ago I posted on Twitter that Art Garfunkel was my new favorite person in the whole world. I then got blasted by a member of my own family about how NO ONE picks Art over Paul Simon. When I asked why, I was told that Art had weird hair, and Paul had a better solo career. So what? Here I would like to give you my few […]

Perhaps the worst fear of any musician is a live performance mistake. Your going along just fine and dandy and all of a sudden you pluck the wrong note, press the wrong key, or hit the wrong drum. It sounded awful. Your band-mates (if you have any) are giving you looks. You feel stupid. Well you shouldn’t. In my talks with people that are part of an audience when I […]

Yes, this post is a little abnormal, but normality is boring. I’m stoked. Excited. For tomorrow is the day. THE DAY. Don’t know what “The Day” is? Let me educate you. Don’t feel bad for not knowing, I don’t blame you one bit. Once upon a time there was a 20 year old who worked loading trucks at a Coke factory. Unfortunately, this guy was an insomniac and had lots […]

In December of 2010, I had the privilege of being part of a guest choir at a orchestral concert. The concert was fabulous, but I found it curious that there were two of the members of the orchestra who never played anything. In fact, they were not even on stage. They were simply sitting in the front row, they seemed to be waiting for something. A Woden Ratchet Photo courtesy […]