No doubt you have at least heard of it. The opera singer belts out a note and, all of a sudden, people find their tuxedos and dresses soiled by the champagne that just spilled out of their broke glasses. Yes, it can be done. But the question is how. What elements is it in a human voice that is capable of accomplishing this feat? Disclaimer: Although I am giving you […]

Chances are you have heard of metronomes. Perhaps you have even used one. But where did they originate, how do they work, and what are they really used for? Different Types of Metronomes There are a few different types of metronomes on the market today. Mechanical Metronomes: These types of metronomes could very well be considered “classical” metronomes. They typically come in a pyramid shape and use an inverted pendulum […]

Walk through any semi-crowded area and you are bound to see several people with headphones in, on, or somewhere in between. Back in the day, music wasn’t portable. There was no way to carry around a band in your pocket. Now there is. People have taken this option. Now we as a society listen to music far more then we used to, and much of it is through tiny ear […]

Yes, it really has been that long since I last posted. And yes, as unlikely as it may seem. I have returned. Life is full of roadblocks. Although I can’t give you exact details. I hit one in September. It fundamentally changed my day-to-day life. Blogging got pushed out. But now I am back. Here are a few things I have learned in the past month or so that will […]

The short and simple answer is no. The Edge of Glory is not Lady Gaga’s true masterpiece. Neither is Bad Romance, Poker Face, or any other of the numerous songs that she has recorded over her six years as a pop artist. At least not yet. If there is one thing people tend to forget about a musician or band it is that the music of an artist evolves dramatically […]

In part 1 we examined home audio. Now, in part two, I would like to take a look at two big parts of speaker systems. How the speakers themselves work, and how systems are put together when focusing on live sound. Live Sound There are 3 basic parts to any sound system Soundboard Microphones Speakers These three are all it takes to get stage music going. In theory, nothing more […]

We love our music, and chances are we want it to sound as great as possible. But great music requires a great sound system. But how exactly does it work? And why do some sound better then the others. Any sound system (beyond, say, just a couple of computer speakers, has two basic parts. The subwoofer, and the satellite speakers. Each server their purpose. Although this blog is geared particularly […]

I had the oppurtunity today to listen to an incredible choir sing. Just awesome in every way. To make it even more better, I got to look at the music while I was listening the choir (courtesy of a friend of mine who is a member of it). I enjoyed every moment of it. The music filled me up. Made me happy. Allowed me to bask in the beautiful six-part […]

If you want to perform, and perform successfully, then there are a few things you need to do. If you walk up there, play the songs, and walk off, there is no way that you will be going back anytime soon. They audience won’t like you. Read this, you might learn a few things 1. Don’t Suck This goes without saying, but you cannot perform if you can’t even play […]

What a week! You may have noticed some changes that have come to Sound Called Music. More posts, an optimized about page, and a complete restructuring of the URL system (long URLs are no longer so long), and way more posts. Why am I doing this all? Tentblogger, an awesome blogger who blogs about blogging (now you try to use “blog” four times in the same sentence) that I respect […]