Many of you may have seen the 1996 film, “That Thing You Do!” Directed by (and, not surprisingly, starring) Tom Hanks, it follows the tale of a fictional 60s band called the Oneders (pronounced “wonders”). In the film the band becomes immensely popular with a song called “That Thing You Do.” Soon after this, the band falls apart, leaving everyone to wonder what happened. This is a classic (although somewhat […]

In going back and reading my previous posts in these series, I realized there are a few things I left out. In this post I want to go back and cover those things. Dynamics One very important thing in music is dynamics. We have to know when to play to play loud and when to play soft. To the right you can see the most common dynamic markings. The “p” […]

iTunes is currently the top dog in the music business. Apple sells millions of songs every day to millions of customers. This is far more then any online and most likely any physical store in the world. But the question becomes, is all that trickling down to the artists in the way it should? Well, according to a recent piece from the Huffington Post, it’s probably not. As you probably […]

This is part 3 of my series on reading sheet music. If you are unfamiliar with how to read notes, rests, and rhythms, please go read part one and/or part two. Although simple notes can be used to make some nice melodies, we need more. Notes need modifiers to make them sound the way we want them. Although there are literally dozens of different modifiers that you can find. There […]

Very few choruses (choirs) have the opportunity to sing with an orchestra. And, even if they do, the chances that they will ALWAYS be singing with that orchestra is slim. Those who do not have this opportunity will have to settle for an accompanist. Actually, most choruses that DO sing with an orchestra will have an accompanist as well. Accompanists are, unfortunately, somewhat of musical Sherpas. “So what do accompanists […]

Back in the day you had to go to a store to buy music. Now, with the advent of the internet, alternative options have become readily available. Most prominent amongst these is iTunes, Apple’s digital music store and management system. Since it first debut in 2001, iTunes has radically changed music. The first thing you should know is that iTunes did not start out as a music store.  The very […]

This is part two of my series on sheet music reading. If you have not read Part 1, and are unfamiliar with how to read notes, I suggest you read it here. In sheet music, notes are only part of the story. Although they are incredibly important, there are many other things that occur in sheet music that you need to know about. Rests are a good example. Although music […]

Sheet music is very easy and simple to read. You just have to know the tricks. In this series I will teach you the basics of sheet music. This series can be best followed with a piano. You should know the names of the notes and where they are located on the piano in order to do this series. The most important part in sheet music is obviously the notes. […]

Electric guitars are found in most modern music today. But may seem like a bit of a mystery. After all, they don’t exactly make much sound. And why do they sound the way they do? It’s a good question, and one that I would like to try to answer as best as I possibly can in this post. The chain of sound in an electric guitar generally goes something like […]

If you are unfamiliar with how musical intervals work, please go read How Music Works: Harmony Chords are, quite arguably, the most important piece of modern music. Everything you hear is built around chords. But exactly the way they work may not be as clear. In a major or minor chord, there will be three notes. Your root note, your third, and your fifth. Whether the third is a major […]