If you are in a choir, you have probably sung in a least two parts. You have probably sung in three, and there is a good chance you have sung in four. But have you ever sung in 40? Chances are you haven’t but, for some of you, the answer just might be yes. Enter Spem in alium. A 40-part (although there are versions with just three or four […]

We love our music, and chances are we want it to sound as great as possible. But great music requires a great sound system. But how exactly does it work? And why do some sound better then the others. Any sound system (beyond, say, just a couple of computer speakers, has two basic parts. The subwoofer, and the satellite speakers. Each server their purpose. Although this blog is geared particularly […]

[This is part of the Ensembles for All Series] Ah yes, Choirs. Chances are at some point in your life you have sung with some sort of choir, most likely a school choir. They can create beautiful (or chilling) harmonies, with three, four, or even more different parts at the same time. It’s not easy, but that is not what we are concerned with. We are curious as to how […]

I had the oppurtunity today to listen to an incredible choir sing. Just awesome in every way. To make it even more better, I got to look at the music while I was listening the choir (courtesy of a friend of mine who is a member of it). I enjoyed every moment of it. The music filled me up. Made me happy. Allowed me to bask in the beautiful six-part […]

I am having trouble writing today. Right before I started on this post, I turned of a recording of Spem in Alium that I was listening to in preparation for an upcoming blog post. I was doing my best to write and listen at the same time, and I have to say, It wasn’t working out well. I mentioned in a recent post how music requires your attention. Not only […]

If you want to perform, and perform successfully, then there are a few things you need to do. If you walk up there, play the songs, and walk off, there is no way that you will be going back anytime soon. They audience won’t like you. Read this, you might learn a few things 1. Don’t Suck This goes without saying, but you cannot perform if you can’t even play […]

Have you ever wondered how a choir is structured? Or why a rock band uses the instruments it does? Perhaps you like folk music such as Mumford and Sons. Whatever it is, this series will hopefully help you out by looking at some major types of musical ensembles and how they work. I will be including several different types of band and ensembles, from classic to modern day. As you […]

What a week! You may have noticed some changes that have come to Sound Called Music. More posts, an optimized about page, and a complete restructuring of the URL system (long URLs are no longer so long), and way more posts. Why am I doing this all? Tentblogger, an awesome blogger who blogs about blogging (now you try to use “blog” four times in the same sentence) that I respect […]

Perhaps one of the most irritating things is when someone speaks to you with ear buds in or headphones on. It makes you feel like they are not even paying attention to you. In truth, they probably are. But that really doesn’t give them an excuse to appear to not care what you say. If you are listening to music, there are certain rules you should follow. Even though this […]

Good music is work. This point I have already clearly made. But why does it have to be work? Our favorite artists make it look so easy to play music well? Unfortunately, music is like everything else in the whole world. It takes a long time to get good (unless you’re a prodigy), and many people never get good. I am one of those people who get incredibly frustrated when […]