Suppose you want to learn to play an instrument. But the problem is you don’t know which one! The choices are seemingly unlimited. How do you narrow it down? You can’t play them all, in fact, to start, you probably can’t play more then one. So which one to choose? Here are a series of questions that can help you decide which one is right for you. 1. What kind […]

Covering is definitely an internet phenomenon. Video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, have made it easy to show people your skills on whatever instrument you play without leaving your house. The idea of modifying songs with your instrument seems like a natural thing to do. These are covers. Taking a popular (or not so popular) song, and using your instrument to modify it in some way Take the […]

Here, as promised yesterday, is the guide to learning an instrument without a teacher. The steps are remarkably similar to that of learning by using a teacher, but there are some distinct differences. 1. Decide which instrument you want to play This is still number one on the list. You must know the instrument you want to play before you can get started. Look for a post soon on how […]

A few months ago I wrote the post The Four Step Guide to Learning Any Instrument. One of the steps was finding the right teacher. Last week I received this comment on the post. I find that it is a misconception that you need a teacher to learn an instrument. I’m completely self-tought at the piano and have been playing for 14 years. I’m not a prodigy by any means. […]

Where did music come from? This is perhaps one of the most intriguing questions in the whole field of music study. It had to start somewhere, but where? Perhaps you have never thought about it. In this post I will present a couple of theories, but I leave the decision to you. The theories on the origins of music depend greatly on what worldview you are coming from. For example, […]

Song: Good Life Artist: OneRepublic Chart: Pop Peak: 9 Currently: 9 Peak on Hot 100: 8 Currently: 8 You can download this song from iTunes or Amazon MP3. My Thoughts: I do not understand how a song can be higher on the Hot 100 then its own chart, but oh well. I have liked this song since I first heard it. I wouldn’t consider it Pop, but I guess that’s […]

We all think we know what we mean when we say “music.” But do we really? Most of the time we can listen to something and say whetheror not it is music. No one would argue that Lady Gaga makes music (I don’t care if you like it or not, don’t be a hater). But what about when we get to the boundaries of music? When is it that something […]

If you live in a hole there is a chance you have never heard of Rebecca Black. Actually, not really. If you have not heard of Rebbeca Black, I don’t want you to feel bad. Most people know here as the teenage “sensation” that sang the “hit” song Friday. Quotation marks are there for a reason. Friday was hated by many and loved by very few. Some people have gone […]

Song: Save the World Artist: Swedish House Mafia Chart: Dance Songs Peak: 4 Currently: 4 Peak on Hot 100: N/A Currently: N/A My Thoughts: I enjoyed this song more then I thought I would. Although this group seems rather obscure (they aren’t even really an “artist” in the classic sense), they did seem to produce something good here. The music video is a little stupid, but then again, so was […]

First things first, why is Lloyd spelled with two Ls? Sometimes, I just need to write about how much I love a guy’s music. I figure this being only my second time doing this in around 4 months, I’m doing pretty good. This will be a short post however, I am kind of pressed for time. I wish I had more. What sparked me to write this post? A movie. […]