I had the oppurtunity today to listen to an incredible choir sing. Just awesome in every way. To make it even more better, I got to look at the music while I was listening the choir (courtesy of a friend of mine who is a member of it). I enjoyed every moment of it.

The music filled me up. Made me happy. Allowed me to bask in the beautiful six-part harmonies and just be. Watching the sheet music as I listened made the experience even better.

So I have a quick little post for you to day. I wish to present a question to you. What music stirs your soul? It could make you happy, sad, angry, hyped up, whatever. I don’t really care, but what is it, and why is it so?

As we know, music can influence our brain, but it also gets into your very pores. Every fiber of your being feels alive. The music makes us alive. Feel the music, be the music. It is an incredible experience, and one that you never want to leave. But, of course, that darned thing called life calls us.

So, I ask again. What stirs your soul, and why? Let me know in a comment!

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