If you were like me iTunes Match made me very happy. Because, if you are like me, the majority of my digital music comes from CDs that have been ripped onto my computer and are now no where to be found. Great! I have no back up, until, of course, iTunes Match came around and fixed all of that. But not only that, they also fixed something else that plagues […]

  If you are in a choir, you have probably sung in a least two parts. You have probably sung in three, and there is a good chance you have sung in four. But have you ever sung in 40? Chances are you haven’t but, for some of you, the answer just might be yes. Enter Spem in alium. A 40-part (although there are versions with just three or four […]

Good music is work. This point I have already clearly made. But why does it have to be work? Our favorite artists make it look so easy to play music well? Unfortunately, music is like everything else in the whole world. It takes a long time to get good (unless you’re a prodigy), and many people never get good. I am one of those people who get incredibly frustrated when […]

You know, first I thought I would write a blog about music and math. Then I changed my mind. I couldn’t get started on the topic, I didn’t know what to write. And when you don’t know what to write about something, then you shouldn’t force yourself. So I decided I would try to answer the question about what music really is. This is the part that I decide that […]