What I Learned From Going Without Blogging for 1 Month, 8 Days, 19 Hours, 49 Minutes, and 51 Seconds

Yes, it really has been that long since I last posted. And yes, as unlikely as it may seem. I have returned.

Life is full of roadblocks. Although I cant give you exact details. I hit one in September. It fundamentally changed my day-to-day life. Blogging got pushed out.

But now I am back. Here are a few things I have learned in the past month or so that will hopefully help my blogging career.

I really, really enjoy blogging

After going a while without blogging, I began to realize that I really missed it. Every single day I wanted to go back to the good ol blog and publish some more posts. But I didnt. I had the time, but I chose to use it for other things. I think it was a big mistake. And I hope to rectify it.

I have a lot more to say

Who knows whats down the road!

Since I published my first post back in March of 2011, I have written quite a few words. 50,000 of them in fact (just enough for a Nanowrimo novel!). Some of my writing even got me on a relatively popular podcast (which was pretty awesome). However all that is in the past. The future is what is before me. I have plenty more to say. 50,00 words isnt enough. Im aiming for 500,000.

I do have the time

When I first stopped, I rationalized it away by saying I didntĀ  have the time. But as I continued through my life, I began to realize that time was not the problem. I really had no excuse for not bloggin. If I want to I can make it happen.

So Whats Next?

Lots more writing. In fact, after this post, I want to continue on as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately (and naturally enough) my traffic has taken a big hit. But I can rebuild it. My google rankings have remained relatively intact, which is awesome. So thats a big bonus. But it will take a while to rebuild.

Look for a post in the next day or so!