What Music Is Part 1: Introduction

You know, first I thought I would write a blog about music and math. Then I changed my mind. I couldnt get started on the topic, I didnt know what to write. And when you dont know what to write about something, then you shouldnt force yourself. So I decided I would try to answer the question about what music really is.


This is the part that I decide that this needs to be in multiple parts. So think of this as an introduction to a 5 part or so (maybe more, probably not less though) series. Hopefully you can find this somewhat informative.

Music is a bit hard to pin down. There was a book I read (nonfiction) that mentioned another book (fiction). In this book, aliens came to Earth and decided to go to an orchestra concert. They listened politely, complimented the composer/conductor on his ingenuity, and left with no idea about what was so fascinating to humans about music.

You see music, as we know it, is simply a collection of sounds, arranged in a certain way. Our brains are what interpret it as music. A dog hears exactly what you hear when you listen to music over your speakers. But the dog just interprets it as a bunch of noise. Why is this? Well, that remains a mystery. But it is something that I hope to try to figure out over the course of the next week or two.

In the next blog, I will focus on harmony, and the way it works.

Blog to you later!

This is part 1 of my series, What Music Is. You can read the other parts here: Part 2, Part 3