Why We Need Pop Stars like Gaga and Britney

People hate on pop music all the time. Like really really hate on it. They point to the rise of auto tune as proof that the worlds most popular singers can no longer sing. And they may be right in that respect. But theĀ  world needs Lady Gaga and the Britney Spears. Heres why.

Its a Culture Thing

Culture is what defines a society, and society without a culture is dead. Maybe Lady Gaga cant sing without Autotune, but why does it matter? She has impacted the culture of our society in a huge way. So what if here vocals are modified in order to make them sound good? It doesnt matter. People like her music. They dance to it, sing with it, and scream and cheer for her and concerts. The same goes for Britney Spears, Owl City, and whoever else people have decided to hate on.

But Why do we Need Them?

So far I have only told you why it is O.K. for them to be part of culture, so now I need to give you why the are a necessary part of it. Think of were our world would be without the Autotuned masses of pop singers currently around? It would be somewhat boring. I dont see anyone doing what they are doing without Autotune, so why get mad at them for doing it with Autotune? It makes no sense.

They are necessary to our culture because they change the culture. A culture that does not evolve is a boring culture, and a society with a boring culture is a boring society. If we just stuck with The Beatles (dont get me wrong. GREAT band) where would we be? Things have to change or the world is a boring place.

So I say to you again. Who cares if they are Autotuned? People like, it. They are being entertained. And, by entertaining people, the pop stars are changing the culture in a dramatic way. This is why we need them. I dont care if the music is bad. Leave them alone. Dont insult their fans. And you dont even have to think of them.